SuperKPI's - KPI Dashboards in Tableau

STEP 4: Adopt Fields

Choose Selected Variant

Change the Selected Variant parameter to your favorite variant from STEP 1.

Selected variant parameter - Tableau KPI Dashboard

Replace References

Replace references for all relevant fields from folder 01 Sample Data to the new fields.

Replace references - KPI Cards in Tableau

You’ve lost the folders when replacing data sources. To find the fields to replace, type F: replace into the search field in the data pane.

F: Replace - Tableau KPI Dashboards

Filter out all Card Ids that are not needed anymore.

Filter out all cards - KPI Cards in Tableau

Adjust Date calcs

There are a couple of date calcs in the workbook. Adjust these in case your organization’s reporting periods differ. Use the Datepart parameter to select the date aggregation to work with (year, quarter, month, week, day)

  • Max Date: Calculates the maximum date in the data source and updates the Max Date parameter.
  • Is current period: Defines current period based on Max Date parameter and Datepart parameter.
  • Is prior period: Defines prior period based on Max Date parameter and Datepart parameter (YoY by default).
  • Is relevant period: Defines relevant periods for minicharts based on Max Date parameter, Datepart parameter, and Periods shown parameter.
  • Datepart_view: Selected datepart for the view
  • Date_tooltip: Date used in Tooltips

Bring all date calcs to the surface by using the search term F: Date calcs

Adjust Aggregations/Calculations

By default, KPIs are displayed as simple aggregations (sums) and absolute numbers. If you want to show different aggregations (e. g. AVG instead of SUM) or calculate a KPI (e. g. Profit Ratio as SUM(Profit)/SUM(SALES), adjust the calculations for the respective cards.

Adjust Other Fields

Adjust KPI card labels and color logic to your preferences:

  • MEAS_Label: Measure Names to be displayed in the view
  • Color_any object: adjust SIGN depending on whether an increase is “good” or “bad”

Step 5: Advanced Functionalities

SuperKPIs Features

Customize SuperKPIs

Performance Optimization