VizIt Berlin 2023

Created by the Community, for the Community.

As everyone enrolled to participate at the VizIt Berlin event, Apps for Tableau was on its way to attent and sponsor this community event. Sharing knowledge, inspiration, and making connections with the Tableau community is important. Therefore events like this hold a special place in our hearts, as we want to keep Tableau events accessible to the community.

VizIT Berlin 2023

Day 1

The conference kicked off with a keynote by Andy Cotgreave, titled “Beyond ‘It Depends’: Applying a LEVERS Model to Your Charts.” Day one featured insightful sessions like “Tremendous Tableau Tips” by Tore Levinsen, Heidi Kalbe, and Annabelle Rincon, sharing practical insights and innovative strategies to enhance Tableau proficiency.

After the event, there was time to connect with each other at the Golden Flamingo bar with a drink and typical German snacks.

Day 2

Day two brought keynotes such as “Ask Me Anything”, a unique opportunity for the community to engage directly with Tableau experts. This interactive session offered valuable insights into best practices, trends, and future of Tableau.

Our session on Tableau Extensions was a fitting end to the event, showing the values of Tableau Extensions, by Vincent Cruickshank.

Vincents presentation at vizit berlin
Matthewmiller apps for tableau

Legendary Matthew Miller with Vizzy at VizIt Berlin 2023

Celebrating the #datafam

Vizit Berlin 2023 was not just a conference; it was a celebration of the Tableau Community’s collective passion and commitment to innovation. The Apps for Tableau team left Berlin with a deeper connection to the #Datafam and enthusiasm for advancing Tableau’s impact through Extensions.

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