MailScheduler 3.0

We’re excited to introduce MailScheduler 3.0, including a new one click installer, a complete redesigned UI, improved mail editor and much more. This update reflects our ongoing commitment to innovate, and is shaped by your feedback. Dive in and let these upgrades enhance your data journey, we look forward to hearing about your experiences and suggestions.

One Click Installer

MailScheduler 3.0 comes with a one-click installer to get started within moments. With the new one-click installer, we have embedded all external software right in the application, so you don’t have to bother with it. With just a single click, you’re launched into an intuitive configuration that helps you get started in a moment. It’s perfect for Tableau users who just want to get down to business, sharing dashboards and insights fast. The One Click Installer is available for Windows and Linux.

MailScheduler One Click Installer

API First

With opening up our API, we are embracing an “API First” approach. The API makes the communication process seamless and smooth between multiple applications. It streamlines the process of data exchange and interaction, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of information. Now, you can integrate our Extension into your own applications, enabling a more interconnected digital ecosystem.

Complete redesigned UI

We have completely reimagined the UI, building it from scratch with modern technologies to make navigating MailScheduler a seamless experience. Our new onboarding tools, including help sections and wizards, make even the most complex tasks feel straightforward. Tableau users will enjoy the simplicity of managing and sharing dashboards with MailScheduler.

MailScheduler complete UI Redesign

Enhanced Frequency Configurator

Customize your schedules to align perfectly with your business cycles. Whether it is the beginning of a quarter or a specific workday, our enhanced frequency configurator offers complete customizability, all while maintaining compatibility with your existing schedules. Distribute your Tableau views with more control and precision.

MailScheduler - New Frequency Configurator

Centralized Control

We have designed 3 new pages to offer you centralized control over the application. The new Templates page lets you quickly find and update templates and images from a single location. An amazing feature allowing you to modify content on the fly and see changes implemented application-wide instantly. View the outcomes of your scheduled tasks in the new Results page. Easily identify successes and tackle any issues, streamlining your workflow and keeping your Tableau distribution on track. Finally, monitor and troubleshoot the application with direct access to the system logs on the new System Logs page.