SuperTables 4.0

Our biggest update for SuperTables, with over 50 new features and improvements we are happy to show you the power of SuperTables 4.0. With the latest release SuperTables is getting even better with a long list of new and exciting features that add tremendous value to your reporting platform. Most of these enhancements were initiated by our user’s experiences we value our customers feedback!

A new way of filtering

Introducing new filtering options, perform advanced filtering or search with the new AND and OR filtering options. Dive deeper into your large datasets. Making it easier to filter specific data.

Conditional Styling

Imagine you’re analyzing sales data in Tableau, and you want to highlight regions where the sales performance exceeds a certain threshold. With our improved conditional coloring, you can now create a dynamic dimension based on a calculated field that represents any threshold. This custom dimension can then be used to color another measure in SuperTables, allowing you to effortlessly pinpoint and emphasize areas of exceptional sales performance.

A new column grouping interface

We’ve enhanced column group creation and management, introducing a dedicated configuration section on the screen. This includes added customization options, allowing independent styling of background and font colors for each group. This ensures a seamless experience for dashboard designers, aligning with corporate identity.

Manual Sorting

With the Manual Sorting option, you are able to set the sort order of columns. Experience a smooth and Seamless interface similar to Tableau to customize the values in the way you want. This option allows you to have more freedom while sorting your dimensions.

Display Units

We added the option to customize the display units with short codes for Thousand, Million, Billion, and Trillion. The values are clean and more condensed.

Sticky row groups

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