Extensions for Tableau

Tableau Visionaries: The What, Why and How’s of Extensions for Tableau

During #data19 our Tableau Visionary Merlijn Buit gave insights in the what, why, how’s, and security of the Extensions API. This blog is a list of all resources mentioned in this breakout session.

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Mario in Tableau

Super Mario in Tableau

Find out how our Zen Master Merlijn Buit created Mario in Tableau by reading the blog! Do you want to play Super Mario Bros in Tableau yourself? Download the workbook below!

Process Mining in Tableau

Process Mining in Tableau - Get Instant insights in your process by analyzing and visualizing your Process Event Logs

With Process Mining  you’re able to visualize the actual processes in your organization based on your process log files. Get instant insight in all sub processes, outliers, deviations, process bottlenecks and more while using the interactivity of Tableau.

Sankey Diagram in Tableau

This tutorial video shows you how to create a Sankey Diagram in Tableau in just a few clicks. With the free Show me More Extension for Tableau it is as simple as dragging and dropping the Sankey Diagram on your dashboard. The Show me More Dashboard Extension allows you to easily create complex graphs or visualization types, not present in standard Tableau.

On premise extensions

The What, Why and How’s of Extensions for Tableau Educational Content tableau extensions
We offer on premise installation as part of our enterprise plan. This plan allows you to host our extensions behind your firewall to be in full control of updates and data security. This way you will be absolutely certain you trust the website that host the extensions, since it is your (internal) website/webserver.

Annotations in Tableau

Write Back Extreme extension for tableau: use case Annotation and Collaboration in a dashboard

Our Annotations extension can add annotations, store comments and make sure they are noticed by your dashboard users! All data is stored by our Write Back extension to make sure your annotations are still available next time you visit your dashboard.


ScrollyTelling in Tableau - Let your story reveal itself while scrolling down. Your visualizations reveal and use animation as well

With Scrollytelling you can present your story in text, images and even Youtube movies, and show the appropriate Tableau illustrations where you want them to show up in the story. Allow animations in your dashboards and use the setting of filters, parameters and highlights to create stunning stories with impact.

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