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Harm Jan Beekhuis

Harm Jan Beekhuis


Let me introduce myself. My name is Harm Jan Beekhuis and I am a developer at the Infotopics | Apps for Tableau team. Recently, I obtained my Master’s in Applied Physics. From a young age, I enjoyed studying how things work and how to improve them. In my spare time, I often worked on building websites and clever scripts to make life easier.  

When looking for a new job, Infotopics | Apps for Tableau caught my eye and immediately looked like an amazing opportunity for me. I wanted to be part of the development of the beautiful Tableau extensions, together with the fantastic team.  

My first project 

One of the first challenges I had was working on the EasyDesigns extension. I assisted the team in developing this brand new extension. So far, background images have been used to make the dashboards look good. A significant disadvantage was that when rescaling the dashboards, the image proportions were not correct anymore. With EasyDesigns, all elements are scalable and can be changed at any moment. What makes it even better is that the Themes can be saved and loaded. In this way, all EasyDesigns can have a similar layout and update on change.   

I invite you to check out the extension yourself and try it out for free!

EasyDesigns extension Extensions EasyDesigns
EasyDesigns - HJ


My current project 

Nowadays, I work on the WriteBackExtreme extension. There, I implement key features requested by customers or work on opportunities to improve the package. We just released the latest version – WriteBackExtreme 1.4. Check it out!

Every day I am motivated to work on our beautiful products with an even more beautiful team!   


Harm Jan – Developer 

WriteBackExtreme new 1.4 update
WBE - Emojis

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