Process Mining extension for Tableau - Use the Analytical power of Tableau and the Process Mining extension to do your analyticxs and visualizations of Process Event log data in Tableau.


Gain insight in your business processes as they actually are

Why ProcessMining?

Process Mining with animations and process discovery and exploration

“Be in control over your processes with process mining analytics!

ProcessMining is an analytical technique that helps to discover, monitor and improve operational business processes. This can be easily done by extracting already available data from the event logs of information systems that are already available in your organization. Using process mining, you can see how the process actually goes, instead of assuming how the process goes. Process mining helps you to audit, analyze and improve your processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions

Some of our valued customers

Healthcare Insights Through Machine Learning

Solving the most difficult healthcare challenges using ProcessMining

The ProcessMining extension from Infotopics | Apps for Tableau enables Atomo to better visualize complex patient journeys. It also allows them to better explain how their machine learning solutions work by showing the patterns that their AI based solutions find in healthcare data. This is a major contribution to the decision-making process at Atomo. 

ProcessMining in your familiar Tableau environment

“Dashboard actions and Interactions”

ProcessMining can be used for many business processes in your organization. Common processes for which ProcessMining can be used are purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. When having fact-based, objective insights in these processes, it is easy to detect the bottlenecks in these processes and improve the process. This reduces through-put time and costs and therefore optimizes your procurement.

ProcessMining can also be used to gain insights and improve your customer service processes, HR processes, logistics processes, mortgage processes, ICT requests, and many more!

Process Mining discovery, exploration, monitoring, audits and analytics

By detecting bottlenecks in your processes and optimize your process, you can improve your customer experience and deliver the most valuable customer journey to your customers. The big advantage? You don’t have to leave your Tableau environment!

Start ProcessMining now!

  • Govern, control and optimize your business processes
  • Get instant insight in all sub processes, outliers, deviations, process bottlenecks and more while using the interactivity of Tableau
  • Visualize the actual processes in your organization based on your process log files extractions
  • Use Tableau filters to zoom in on specific cases, periods, process steps (nodes) or connections (Links) of your process to optimize or adjust your processes

Quick, user-friendly and factbased!

Variant Analysis

ProcessMining in Tableau - Variant Analysis

“Get to know all familiar paths in your process data!

With this advanced built in function you can get instant insight in all available variants in your Process Mining datafiles. You can sort the bar charts in an ascending or descending manner to gain insights in occurences, Total duration or Waiting time. Instantly gain insights and zoom in on the path variant that occurs most in your dataset.

The great thing is you can select one or more variants and trigger a Dashboard action on the rest of your dashboard to further analyse your selection of variants. Variants are automatically calculated, you don’t have to worry on how to set-up your dataset or pre-manipulate your data. It is just there and offers instant insights in the path variants that occur in your dataset.

Use the KPI’s that matter!

The ProcessMining extension only requires 4 fields/columns in your dataset and will get you started immediately with your ProcessMining analysis. All KPI’s that matter are automatically calculated opn the fly in the extension. Once you provide a Case Identifier, Activity and Start/End Date/Time stamp you are ready to generate process maps with KPI’s like “Total Duration”, “Mean Duration”, “Number of Hops” (sum of cases), “Unique cases” etc.

To offer the maximum flexibility wit the ProcessMining extension you can also create your own calculated KPI’s (Tableau Calculated fields for instance) and feed them to the extension via your datsheet.

Process Mining discovery, exploration, monitoring, audits and analytics

The user friendly sidebar allows you to set different KPI’s on Activities and Nodes if you have specific whishes and need to gain insights on duration and number of unique cases.

Animate cases in your process map

Animate cases flowint through your process

Animate all cases in your process map

One image can tell more than a thousand words. Imagine what an animation can do! The ProcessMining extension allows your end users to animate the individual cases in the process map. An extra aid to spot clogging and congestions over time.

This dynamic function of the ProcessMining extension adds a lot of value when you are searching for time dependent issues that might occur in your day to dat processes.

ProcessMining in your organization

“Detect the bottlenecks in your processes and reduce costs and waste.”

Your process map will show you objectively and automatically what the exact followed process steps were and wherein the process the biggest delays occur. This insight makes it easy to improve the process and reduce waste and costs. As you have continuous insights in your business processes you can continuously improve the processes. A root-cause analysis on your process can be easily performed. You can also compare your process map with your KPIs and see why they are, or aren’t met.

You can speed up the digital transformation of your business using ProcessMining. This technology can help you create business value in various ways.

Evelyn Tempel - Researcher at Infotopics | Apps for Taleau


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How to use the animation feature. I have the demo version of this app but I’m unable to use the animation feature. The animation starts but stuck at 0x speed2021-11-22T12:34:18+01:00

The dataset must contain a start and end timestamp for the animations to work.

Is there a best practice when setting up ProcessMining?2021-11-08T16:39:41+01:00

For best performance please see our product guide

Is there a limit to the number of paths?2021-11-08T16:31:52+01:00

We have currently limited the amount of paths to 250.

Is there a limit to the number of activities in my process?2021-11-08T16:07:26+01:00

There’s no limit on the number of activities shown in your process map. 

The extension doesn’t work on Tableau Online/Server2021-09-27T15:57:59+01:00
  • Make sure the extension domain is whitelisted on Tableau Online/Server.
  • Webserver services content with proper X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy headers.
  • Extensions feature is turned on, on Tableau Online/Server.
  • The Extension server/domain has a valid SSL Certificate.
  • Tableau Online/Server has access to the Extension Server to load the extension.

You can find any issues by doing the following: While running on Tableau Online/Server in the browser open the “console” tab in Chrome Developer’s tools. To open the developers tools can be done via: Hamburger menu top right > More Tools > Developer tools. Refresh the page while the developers tools is open. Now you can see if there any issue while embedding.

Note: Tableau will show warnings with something like: ‘cannot load source map’ by default, these are not caused by our extensions. They can be identified based on the domain of the url that it warns with.

Make sure to follow our installation guide to setup the right configuration!

Common issues

CSP Header error or X-Frame-Options error.

Make sure the following headers are properly set:

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self' *;

For Tableau Server * should be your domain.

Check all security headers with the following website:

Can you still use other custom KPI’s in ProcessMining than the ones present in the new ProcessMining extension?2021-08-16T15:20:23+01:00
Yes you can use any custom KPI by adding it to the datasheet. In the Analytics pane you can set your aggregation and field type (duration, frequency, SUM, average etc.)
What are the data input formats you require to create the process maps and dashboards?2021-05-19T10:15:05+01:00
You will need a dataset with only 3 records: Case ID, Activity and Timestamp. For example,  an order going through order statusses at certain timestamps. This data is often generated by applications ike CRM systems, Sales and supplier data