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Apps for Tableau ExtensionsManager Guide

Manage All Your Extensions In One Place

The following guide provides extra context for the use of the ExtensionsManager from Apps for Tableau, allowing you to manage all your extensions from one place!


There are a few prerequisites and things you’ll need before the installation:

  • A web domain, for example, <> (create a DNS entry) which points to the host of the extension.
  • SSL certificates for the above domain (the installation requires the domain’s `.crt` and private `.key` file, or a `.pfx` file).
  • Server Resources: 2 vCPU, 4Gb, 50Gb application disk space, 100Mbps or 1Gbps network-interface
  • Firewall rules permit access on the port the application will run on. Both internal, external, network and server-firewall.
  • Linux only: At installation the application will run on a random available port. This port should be temporarily be opened up to access the installation wizard.
  • VizSlides and Dreamteams only: Administrator access on Microsoft account (for the custom add-in setup for).

Please note that Tableau requires extensions to be running on HTTPS/SSL connection and therefore required!

This guide does NOT apply for WriteBackExtreme, MailScheduler and SuperKPIs!

Download ExtensionsManager

In order to use the ExtensionsManager, the executable for the relevant platform is required. The executable can be downloaded from the Apps for Tableau portal (

Operating system