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Create dynamic image tables from URLs in your dataset that can be used as a filter in your dashboards


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The “PictureThis” extension for Tableau helps you create dynamic image tables that can be used as a filter in your dashboards

With just an image url in your dataset, this dashboard extension dynamically generates a clickable image table to be used as a filter or be filtered upon. No need to download or prep loads of images and manually define tons of url actions, this extension gets you started right away. Use your image table as a filter in your dashboard without defining a single dashboard action….


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Test drive and check these great features

The PictureThis extension allows you to display your images in grids as wel as tables. Fully interactive. Use Dashboard actions to filter your sheets or your image tables. Experiment with the “Grid layout” as well as the “Table layout”. Check the URL Action, Parameter action or plain Filter actions. Seamlesly integrate an interactive image grid based on image url’s in all your dashboards. Easy management and dynamically adjusted based on your dataset.

PictureThis Table view to display image grid with detail information on products

Use Cases

PictureThis can be used for a number of use cases. Often we see the Retail sector using PictureThis to visualize their products in a dashboards instead of only using the product number or SKU.

Of course you can also use pictures of your sales managers in your favourite sales dashboard or use the Table view to present images and data in the same “Image table”.

These are but a few use cases and with the built in Parameter and URL actions you can also create a dynamic start page in your web application, website or portal to direct visitors to the appropriate pages from within a Tableau Dashboard.


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