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Write back extreme




• Why Write Back in Tableau (3:30)
• Use Cases (4:27)
• Live demonstration of Write Back Extreme (9:37)
• Customer Stories (4:54 & 7:30)
• Offering (21:51)



How can we manage the jurisdiction to correct or add data ?2021-05-19T10:15:55+01:00

Within the management console administrators will be able to create groups and assign permissions to the groups. 

Snowflake – Schema creation throws error undefined2021-11-03T11:08:15+01:00

When creating a new schema for Snowflake an error message was thrown that it could not create the schema.

This is happening because the PDO/ODBC implementation of Snowflake has some quirks with preparing a SQL query. Our intended workflow of all of our database implementations should be: Prepare data (escape/sanitises data) -> execute query. Only the default Snowflake ODBC implementation fires the query directly instead of preparing the query.

Within the ODBC driver configuration file we need to set the configuration `NoExecuteInSQLPrepare=true` re-enable the original intended functionality of the prepare statement of the PDO/ODBC. Checkout this documentation for help.


How can we set permissions and authorizations for the write back users?2020-10-29T09:17:37+01:00

We have developed a permissions system which is very similar to Tableau Server. You can set permissions on your schema’s for every group. These permissions will be pushed to the extension automatically.

A printable extension part is something Tableau needs to incorporate as other dashboard items can’t be printed. To connect to the backend data would still be possible to join or relate it to the other data and do something printable, right?2021-05-19T10:22:47+01:00
That is correct. Tableau is working really hard to make that possible. Luckely you can query, join or relate the Write Back data right into your dashboard and visualize it and then print it of course :).
Do we need licenses to deploy the extension in development and test environments?2020-10-29T09:21:56+01:00

No, you only need licenses for your production environment and you can use the extension on your development and test environment without extra need for licenses.

We like to do a proof of concept with the WriteBackExtreme extension. How can we start?2021-08-17T08:20:41+01:00

If you want to start with Write Back Extreme, you can contact us to plan a meeting to talk about your use cases and have a live demo that meets your requirements.

We can grant you access to our online demo server and after a functional PoC we can also agree on an installation on your server if you like to use your own data, infrastructure and dashboards.

Currently we work with the Annotations extensions. Can we migrate to WriteBackExtreme Add Data module?2021-08-17T08:20:32+01:00

Yes of course. You can migrate and use all the value of Write Back Extreme. We can migrate your Annotations subscription to the Write Back Extreme | Add Data module at no extra costs.

Which users in my Tableau environment need to be licensed to use the WriteBackExtreme extension?2021-08-17T08:20:18+01:00

Only users that are actually going to interact with Write Back Extreme need to be licensed license, this includes all Tableau  Creators, Explorers and Viewers that are going to use the extension.

We would like to purchase a subscription to the WriteBackExtreme extension. Is it possible to start with 1 module?2021-08-17T08:20:05+01:00

Yes that is possible. You can start with 1 module and if needed you can upgrade to 2 modules or 3. We also offer a discount for the second and third module.

When we have extra wishes or general improvements regarding the WriteBackExtreme extension, how do we let you know?2021-08-17T08:19:54+01:00

We understand you might have some extra ideas and use cases that might be solved with this extension with a slight addition of functionality. You can email [email protected] or use our information form.

Can we use 2 instances or 2 different schemas of the WriteBackExtreme extension in the same dashboard?2021-08-17T08:19:45+01:00

Yes you can! And they can all integrate in one container on your dashboard.

The extension doesn’t work on Tableau Online/Server2021-09-27T15:57:59+01:00
  • Make sure the extension domain is whitelisted on Tableau Online/Server.
  • Webserver services content with proper X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy headers.
  • Extensions feature is turned on, on Tableau Online/Server.
  • The Extension server/domain has a valid SSL Certificate.
  • Tableau Online/Server has access to the Extension Server to load the extension.

You can find any issues by doing the following: While running on Tableau Online/Server in the browser open the “console” tab in Chrome Developer’s tools. To open the developers tools can be done via: Hamburger menu top right > More Tools > Developer tools. Refresh the page while the developers tools is open. Now you can see if there any issue while embedding.

Note: Tableau will show warnings with something like: ‘cannot load source map’ by default, these are not caused by our extensions. They can be identified based on the domain of the url that it warns with.

Make sure to follow our installation guide to setup the right configuration!

Common issues

CSP Header error or X-Frame-Options error.

Make sure the following headers are properly set:

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self' *;

For Tableau Server * should be your domain.

Check all security headers with the following website:

Does the no auth method work with MS SQL Server Auth or is it between the backend and frontend?2021-08-16T15:01:09+01:00
The connection with the database is managed by the backend. The no auth is only for access to the frontend of the extension.
What databases are supported with WriteBackExtreme?2022-04-04T11:39:57+01:00

Currently we support branches of SQL, we support MySQL, MicrosoftSQL and PostgreSQL. We also support a few cloud data warehouses like Snowflake and Amazon Redshift and Synapse and we also support the Oracle database for the WriteBackExtreme extension.

Write back extreme


Please send me news and updates about Write Back Extreme


We love to work with you on your Write Back use cases with the Write Back Extreme Extension for Tableau. Fill in this form and we will get in contact as soon as possible.

estimate the number of licensed Tableau users in your organization
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select modules of your interest


The Write Back Extreme extension supports three basic types of write back mechanisms. You can choose the module(s) you need to solve your use cases, and expand when you have the urge for other modules. The basic write back scenario’s are Add Data, Data Correction and Data Helper with a brief description below.


The Write Back Extreme extension for Tableau solves your challenges in adding, editing and deleting data directly from within your Tableau Dashboards. Write Back Extreme is the ultimate solution for many of your secure Write Back use cases. You will love it!

  • Budget & Forecasting

  • Collaboration

  • Data corrections

  • WHAT-IF Scenario’s

  • Financial adjustments

  • Check Lists

  • Evaluations & Surveys

Write Back Extreme extension for tableau demonstration of Forecasting use case


And increase the quality and efficiency of your processes. Since the Write Back Extreme extension eliminates the need for separate tools and files outside your Tableau environment, it automatically increases the quality and efficiency of the process results in your workflow by reducing process steps, eliminating manual process steps and keeping the focus of your users on the dashboard. In short: there is no need to jump to other systems or Excel, or even better, there is no need for other systems at all.

  • Eliminate Excel from your workflow

  • Save money

  • Eliminate spreadsheet risk and shared files

  • Stay in the context of your Dashboard

  • Easy to add or edit data in the viz

  • Help people to analyze easier and faster and collaborate

  • Take data driven actions and close the analytics loop

  • Make better and faster decisions

  • Make people smile

  • Easy. Governed. Secured. Audited.


The Audit trail of the Write Back extension enables you to monitor the changes made to the data. All changes made to any record through the Write Back Extreme extension are carefully recorded in a full audit trail. Besides the username also the old and new value of the changes are recorded as being part of the audit trail. Your Security and compliance team will love the auditing capabilities of the Write Back Extreme extension. The Write Back Extreme extension takes care of monitoring:

  • User that changed the record

  • The affected dashboard

  • The database table

  • The type of change

  • The actual change (old value – new value)

  • Date and time of the change

Besides the integrated audit trail, operation of the extension is also role based. Access to the advanced back-end system of the Write Back Extreme extension can be proteced or granted as a special permission. Creating database connections and Schemas for tables can be assigned as a separate privilege.

Enterprise-Ready Security

When company policy or IT security requires an on-premise installation / integration of the extension, we can help you organize it. This is particularly useful when your Tableau Server is not granted internet access, or you need to be in full control of the usage and management of your extension.

On-premise installations allow you to be in control of infrastructure, privacy, governance, and to comply with company policies. It also allows the installation/hosting of several individual extensions. Please contact us for more information regarding on-premise installation of our extensions.

  • Be in full control of your extensions
  • Respect data governance policy
  • Comply with company security policy
  • Installation support (remote)
  • Excellent operational support (Tableau Gold Partner)
  • Updates managed by IT
  • No internet access required