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We all know the value of data these days. The use of data allows financial institutions to offer greater value and personalized services to clients and address their business challenges. It helps improve service, innovate on products, detect fraud, and provide clients with insights that bring extra value.

“Data helps drive change and improvement”

With our solutions, we support companies working in the Finance Industry to overcome common data and BI challenges. Our customers are also our partners, we work closely together on solutions to solve various use cases.

Expand the value of Tableau with premium and secure Tableau Extensions, Apps and Templates!


Make your employees, partners, and clients more data literate and your business more data-driven

Save time and money by reducing the number of dashboards and their maintenance

Dramatically reduce Excel and email workflows in your organization

Stay governed and secure within your Tableau Environment

Realize more efficient processes with killer features in your Dashboards

We support a wide range of use cases for the Finance Industry with the following premium Tableau products

Finance Industry tableau

Have you ever needed to do forecasting and make changes to your data directly in Tableau? Or perhaps you wanted to correct the numbers if you’ve spotted errors and see the proper visualization?

With WriteBackExtreme, you can easily do that by saving on time and costs. The extension enables you to add, edit or delete existing data directly in Tableau, overcoming the read-only technology of the platform and writing back to your database. You can efficiently conduct What-if analyses and see how your visualizations change.

Finance Industry tableau

Are you used to working with Excel and now want to use some key Excel functionalities in Tableau? Maybe you need to create pivot tables, group your data or quickly create aggregate calculations?

If yes, SuperTables is the ultimate extension for you! It enriches your dashboard by improving your users’ self-service and giving them valuable Excel-like functionalities in Tableau. You can also create customizable tables, so users only see the data relevant to them. Your data remains safe under the governance of Tableau and is always up-to-date. 

Finance Industry tableau

Have you ever needed to visualize the dynamics of a process and see where the bottlenecks are? Do you use Tableau and want to reduce the need to use a separate BI tool for your processes? If yes, we’ve got the product you need!

ProcessMining enables you to gain insights into your business processes as they actually are. It gives you insights into all sub-processes, outliers, deviations, and process bottlenecks based on the already available cases in your process log files. The animations function shows the case flows throughout the entire process, which enhances the insights from the visualization.

Finance Industry tableau

Do you often need to create reports and include your KPIs in them, but it takes a long time to do it in a way that matches the rest of your dashboard? We’ve got the solution for that! It’s quick, reliable, and completely customizable.

SuperKPIs is a Tableau template that gives you unlimited power and flexibility to create your own KPI cards in Tableau quickly. You can modify them in any way you want – show only numbers or also add graphs, change the colors, match with the dashboard design – the possibilities are endless! Make use of SuperKPIs to track your performance and make critical decisions. It is a template that offers you all the native functionalities of Tableau. 

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All our products are secure as we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510. Your data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance. Our products are 100% secure on premise or private cloud deployed and facilitate your workflow in Tableau, eliminating the need to move to external programs.

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